Try – Tri Hopped

Sep 11, 2017 - BEERS & CIDERS, NEWS

Cases all sold out – A few kegs still in stock

We released it two weeks ago and this golden beauty is almost gone. Tri Hopped by name and Try Hopped by method. Amarillo, Simcoe, Ella. If you manage to snag a bottle, store it cold and drink it promptly.


Is Kung Foo Gluten Free?

Aug 16, 2017 - BEERS & CIDERS

Kung Foo is a “Rice Lager” which has prompted some of you to ask, “does this mean it’s Gluten Free?” Here’s a longish answer to a simple question.

What is Foo made from?

Kung Foo is made from rice and malted barley starch sources and finished with a combination of American and European aroma hops to give the beer depth not typically seen in many other Australian light/dry beers.   Since beer made from malted barley is not typically Gluten Free we decided to get a batch tested.

Gluten test results.

The particular batch we had tested came back as having “no detectible gluten”, which means there was less than 5ppm of gluten. To compare, a typical 100% malt beer is around 95 ppm gluten.

But the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) restricts claims around gluten contents as follows:

Gluten Free – The food must not contain: (a) detectable gluten; or (b) oats or oat products; or (c) cereals containing gluten that have been malted, or products of such cereals.
Low Gluten – The food contains no more than 20 mg gluten/100 g of the food.


What does this mean?

Although no gluten was detected in the test, since Kung Foo contains malted barley it does not meet FSANZ criteria for a Gluten Free product and cannot be described as gluten free.

However, at less than 5ppm (or 0.5mg/100g of beer), Kung Foo easily meets the criteria for Low Gluten products.

Any questions? Please feel free to send us an email as

Striking Gold at 2017 Australian International Beer Awards

May 19, 2017 - BEERS & CIDERS, NEWS

Boy are we dusty this morning but boy did we have a blast at last nights Australian International Beer Awards.

We were fortunate enough to pick up 3 golds and two trophies with Pay Day taking out best Australian Pale Ale and ‘Happiness’ our beer hall mid strength ale taking out best ‘Reduced Alcohol’ beer. & who could forgot old faithful Grizzly, picking up gold in its class of American Amber

Congratulations to everyone else who picked up awards! It’s humbling to be mentioned amongst so many great Australian breweries!


The Smoking Jacket – GABS 2017 – “Censored”

May 18, 2017 - BEERS & CIDERS, NEWS

We recently decided to make a beer named ‘Velvet Stout’ in honor of our 1000th brew. Based around the smoothness of a balloon of cognac and a nice Cuban cigar or ‘stogie’ if you will, this beer was brewed out of the need for us brewers to have our own late night celebratory sipper.

We didn’t quite know what was to come of this beast, all we knew was that it had to be smooth, suitably warming for a winter session and approachable. We considered a raft of different beer styles, but settled on a smooth and dark sweet stout as our base.

As we set about making the beer we soon learned GABS was around the corner. Knowing GABS and knowing it’s our one chance in the year to really let the hair down, we thought why not jazz up our celebratory Velvet Stout and bring it’s true origins to life. Next thing you know Chris is handling fresh cut Cuban and Australian tobacco, Andrew’s sourcing French oak barrels and Ben’s blending tea leaves. We had made good on our original inspirations of Cigars and Cognac and before you knew it Velvet Stout had put on a few festive kilos, shed its old coat and grown into ‘The Smoking Jacket’.

In making the beer one of the less conventional elements to The Smoking Jacket was the use of Cuban and Australian tobacco. With this came the potential for nicotine in our beer. Although we anticipated the levels would be negligible, we wanted to err on the side of caution before we made it available to the public. As a result, we sent some samples away for testing. Unfortunately, these results were not received in time for the GABS deadline and we decided to showcase a ‘Censored’ tobacco-free version of The Smoking Jacket at the festival. This cognac infused oak aged beer tastes glorious, true to its original promise. So get down to the festival, put your feet up and enjoy.

And as for the Uncensored Smoking Jacket, we plan to share this dark mysterious beauty in the Beerhall soon.


Fresh is Best – A Tour of Hop Products Australia

When you look at this photo what words come to mind? ‘Poor timing’, ‘too excited’ and ‘overwhelmed perhaps?’

I think if you’ve suggested any of these you have hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately this is what happens when three giddy individuals are lucky enough go on their first tour of a hop farm, and what a tour it was.

With little in mind as to what to expect, it was incredible to see the scale of  Hop Products Australia’s operation and how they’re dealing with the constant growth and demand for this ever evolving little flower. Lucky for us we were fortunate enough to visit the farm during harvest. This was realised when we were met by a shed in the middle of the country that smelt like tropical fruit and fresh lemon, not exactly what you expect when you walk into a shed in the middle of the high country, but boy did we not complain.

Walking around the farm, it was incredible to experience the aromas that burst out of this flower when it comes fresh of the plant. It’s something that none of us expected nor had ever smelt before. We all came away understanding why using the hop fresh off the plant, commonly known as ‘wet hopping’ could be so effective in brewing……future style perhaps?

Like many of us who share a common passion for good beer, there is often a shared appreciation for the all important hop. With the three of us having worked with our fair share over the years, it was truly a unique experience to see how this incredible smelling flower is transported from plant to pellet. It is something we all thoroughly enjoyed and something any hop head should get out and do!


Australia’s Champion Small Brewery- AIBA

Sep 22, 2013 - BEERS & CIDERS

Kingston based 2 Brothers Brewery receives Top Honours at 2013 Australian International Beer Awards.

The awards night which was held last week is the international brewing community’s night of nights with over 700 national and international brewers in attendance. At the conclusion of an intensive week of judging, the panel awarded 2 Brothers Brewery with the coveted trophy for Champion Small Australian Brewery. The brewery also beat Weihnstephan Brewery, Germany (the world’s oldest brewery, operating since 1040AD) to win the trophy for Best European Style Lager for their lager beer called Taxi.

“This is the highest accolade achievable for breweries of our size and scale” said owner and brewer Andrew Ong. “When we started brewing in 2007, we never dreamt of receiving this level of recognition.”. Other trophy winners included Coopers Brewery (S.A) and Boston Beer Company (USA).

The competition is held annually and administered by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. This year it attracted a record number of 1490 entries from 277 breweries and 35 countries. Beers were critiqued by judges from Australia, Norway, Belgium, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and NZ.

2 Brothers Brewery opened the doors to their Moorabbin based brewery in 2007. They also won trophies for Best Victorian Beer in 2009 and 2010. The brewery uses raw ingredients from Australia and around the world to hand craft a range of beer styles from light to dark. They produce roughly 2000 litres of beer each week which is sold on tap at independent Melbourne bars and pubs. The brothers’ first beer was “Taxi” which was initially designed as a stepping stone to satisfy locals who were used to drinking Fosters products. Taxi has found favour with many beer lovers and is the “house pour” at several venues around Melbourne.

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